Chad Evans Wyatt was born in a musical family and was growing up in New York and Paris. Since 1976 he has been living and working in Washington DC. He was brought up among artists in New York. His first works are photo portraits of people of art. Many of their pictures are part of various collections in The Library of Congress, Smithsonian Institute, and TheNational Gallery of Art In Washington and are presented in Czech and Slovak museums.

Among his greatest achievements there are photo sessions of five Presidents of The United States. He also photographed many politicians, doctors and athletes.

In Europe he is famous thanks to his romarising exhibition. The romarising album was published in 2004 in Czech Republic. It presented portraits of Czech Roma who contradicted stereotypes with their successful lives. Roma in the book are portrayed as people of success: lawyers, doctors, academics, teachers, businessmen, students …

In the following years the Author managed to expand the project in other countries – Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia. The effect of his work is the romarisingV4 exhibition and album. The effects of Wyatt’s work are presented on our website as well as on the Author’s website: romarising.com.