About us

Who we are?

The Foundation of Social Integration PROM was established in 2004. It assembles people of various professions: teachers, trainers, psychologists, ethnologists, historians and sociologists. The team of our permanent co-operators consists of several dozens of active social activists. This professional variety very well reflects the character of our interests and activities including education, research on civil society and culture.

What bring us together?

Our common aim is integration of persons and groups of persons at risk of marginalization and social exclusion. We are united with passion of our work and belief we can shape the reality.

Whom do we help?

We work on children and dysfunctional families, Roma minority and persons with mental problems. We help students and graduates, also from abroad.

Integration … through education and fun.

The basic form of the Foundation activities is running of community centres for children. Both our establishments are of integration character. Five days a week Polish and Roma children can find additional help with their school subjects and take part in interesting workshops. We offer our wards possibility of developing their passions and cultural traditions. The effect is an integration band, Terni Romani Bacht, where children learn not only dance and song but also tolerance.

… internationally

The idea of European integration is also close to us. Since 2009 we take part in „Active Youth” program hosting some volunteers from all of Europe. For seven years we organize many-sided studies for institutions and organizations working on Roma in the countries of Visegrad Group.The acquired knowledge and interesting ideas we introduce in our daily work.

We do favour knowledge …

We cooperate with many researchers from universities and together we create and publish books and publications on Roma issues: books and comics for children and grown-ups alike. To promote interesting initiatives in the region, we created internet information service documenting activities within the governmental program on Roma in Lower Silesia. We help creating civil society running very popular stations of free legal advice for Wrocław citizens.

… and cooperation.

Within several annual projects we cooperate with Local Government units, State Administration and other NGOs and also with universities and cultural institutions. On what we do more read on our website www.fundacjaprom.pl.