Erika Horňáková

Date and place of birth:

07 January 1975, Myjava.

Current place of residence:

Turá Lúka, Slovakia.


Secondary education.

Current job:

Farmer and writer.

Achievements in life and work:

The professional success was writing a novel  „I Wanted It This Way“, and also building my farm, which supports me.

Are you living your life the way you have always wanted to?

I take life as it is. I value every moment in it. I am satisfied of what I managed to achieve and I am happy at prospects ahead of me.

What are your plans for the future?

My aim is to show the achievements of Romany female writers in the world of literature.  So the society appreciate them as any other female writers from national majority. I do not want to be classified as “a Romany writer” only because I am Romany, of which I am proud of. I believe I will write books that leaving deep emotions in people. I would like to succeed in literature. I also would like to  see Toscana.

Life motto, credo, dreams...

If you really want something, exchange dreams for reality.