Karol Kwiatkowski

Date and place of birth:

24 January 1981, Radom.

Current place of residence:




Current job:

Roma school assistant, businessman, journalist, coach, Vice President of the Central Council of Roma in Poland.

Achievements in life and work:

My work for the Central Council of Roma in Poland and the Roma community. In cooperation with a working group, we succeeded in making the Seym of the Republic of Poland proclaim the 2nd of August Roma and Sinti Genocide Remembrance Day. I succeeded in reversing negative behaviours of the majority society towards the Roma community in Radom and scornful attitude to all the related issues; my work as a assistant and last but not least my family - my beloved wife, my sons and my daughter.

Are you living your life the way you have always wanted to?

It is a difficult question. I realize my ambition while performing my work. I am content with my life. However, I always intend to improve things.

What are your plans for the future?

I hope my efforts and hard work of other people, even partially, will break down stereotypes against Romanis.

Life motto, credo, dreams…

We should judge people based on their personality  traits rather than by their race.