Milan Horvát

Date and place of birth:

22 January 1953, Bohumín.

Current place of residence:

Lýsa nad Labem, Czech Republic.


Secondary school.

Current job:

Owner of a construction company, chairman of Roma Citizens’ Association, municipality representative

Achievements in life and work:

Greatest success is that we constructed a building for our Association, and that this group is viable and useful. I stood for election as a regional candidate – now I can participate in the political life of our town and for Romas. I am successful and well respected by my political party.

Are you living your life the way you have always wanted to?

Yes, together with my wife, I have brought up 5 children. Today they have their own businesses and they have opportunities we never had. They have better education and are successful in their lives.

What are your plans for the future?

I would like to run as a candidate for higer office. The future will take its own turn. I can’t predict the future in my work.

Life motto, credo, dreams...

I would like to keep my character, not to allow fame to go into my head. To remain the person I am.