Zuzana Gáboravá

Date and place of birth:

16 January 1975, Holumnica, Poprad district, Slovakia.

Current place of residence:

Brno, Czech Republic.


Masarýk University Brno, Faculty of Law.

Current job:

Lawyer, Public Law Defender Office, Brno.

Achievements in life and work:

The first step of my success was graduation from university, the second is that I work as a Lawyer with the first Public Law Defender in Czech history. Steps three, four and the following are still before me.

Are you living your life the way you have always wanted to?

As a child I wanted to become a teacher, singer, fashion designer, etc. None of that came true. Even though my wishes changed over the course of time, at the moment I am satisfied with my achievement.

What are your plans for the future?

I do not want to talk about that. I believe that if I spoke about my plans aloud I would not achieve them.

Life motto, credo, dreams...

To live a full stretch and not waste one single day. I am tying to forget the wrong events and difficult periods of my life but at the same time I draw lessons from them. I am an optimist and therefore I try to find something positive in every day. With this approach, I have always something to look forward to.