Terni Romani Bacht

Integrating Children Dance and Song Ensemble "Terne Romani Bacht" was created in 2009 as part of the project "Romane drom pe fedyr dzipen". At the moment the group is managed by the Foundation of Social IntegrationProm” and the Department of Education of Wrocław City Council. Thirty-five children, average age 10, perform in the group.  Both Romani and non-Romani children attending twelve Wrocław primary and junior high schools, participate actively in the rehearsals. It is worth mentioning  that the group is integrated in the fullest sense of the world. Children belonging to several Romani tribes, Bergitka Roma, Lovari, Polish Roma, plus non-Roma children perform in the dance and song ensemble. The Roma - members of the "Romani Bacht" Association -  assure choreography and artistic setting. Each year, the group holds around 30 concerts in Wrocław and other Polish cities.